OH&S Responsibilites

The MCF RF Safety Compliance Program (previously know as MERCS) has been operating now for more than 6 years and is a compliance strategy program developed by the mobile carriers to meet the regulatory requirements of:

  • A Carrier’s Radiocommunications Licence Conditions (ACMA)
  • The Deployment Code & ARPANSA RPS3 Standard
  • State & Commonwealth OH&S Legislation - ARPANSA RPS3 EME Standard
The MCF RF Safety Compliance Program seeks to ensure a safe environment for:
  • Mobile Phone Carrier personnel and contractors working on RF Sites as part of Carrier operations, and;
  • Workers and members of the General Public involved in activites such as roof maintenance, window cleaners, facade maintenance and deliver of plant, where access to the roof is required and there are Mobile Phone Carrier transmitters in close proximity.

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