Mobile Networks

Australian consumers clearly enjoy the benefits of their mobile phones, with more than 30 million mobile services now in operation in Australia (about 1.3 services per person!)

To meet this demand, Australian mobile networks now include facilities at more than 18,000 sites in Australia with approximately 3000 new facilities in the feasibility, planning or acquisition stage at any one time. Australian mobile networks now provide coverage to in excess of 98% of the Australian population.

With the ever increasing adoption of smart phones and mobile broadband services, the pressure on mobile networks to provide fast and reliable mobile voice and data services has never been more intense, with mobile broadband demand doubling approximately every 12 months.

The mobile network operators continuously monitor and upgrade their networks in line with this demand, including carefully determining the location and number of mobile sites across the country and tailoring those services to ensure the best experience for their customers. The three Carriers are therefore continuously improving the efficiency of their 3G networks and are now well advanced in implementing 4G (LTE) networks.

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