MCF Achievements

The MCF has made substantial achievements in driving better co-operation within the industry, better relationships with government and community stakeholders and better regulations and guidelines that facilitate mobile network deployment.
•    RF Safety Compliance Program
•    MCF Design and Innovation Program
•    Co-ordination of network infrastructure
•    Information for Stakeholders
•    EME Information and Management
For further information relating to the above, please download our Fact Sheet - About the MCF 
RF Safety Compliance Program
The MCF has a specialised Taskforce who specifically deal with how carriers can meet the regulatory requirements set by the Federal Government in relation to exposure to electromagnetic energy (EME) from base stations. For further information regarding this process please download our Fact Sheet here - RF Safety Compliance Program
MCF Design and Innovation Program
The Design and Innovation Program has been established to consider ways to balance the requirement of new infrastructure with the visual effect that new infrastructure creates. This project aims to identify techniques and guidelines which can be applied and supplement everyday mobile phone base station site design processes and assist Carriers and their consultants to determine opportunities when deploying infrastructure to achieve better visual outcomes.
MCF Base Station Design Guide Tool
User Manual     
MCF Mobile Network Base Station Deployment Technical Paper
Co-ordination of network infrastructure
Regional MCF Forums in each state provide an opportunity for improved co-operation between carriers resulting in faster and more efficient deployment outcomes, especially in relation to shared facilities. Regional forums are also an accessible way for local Councils and Local Government State and Regional Associations to obtain consolidated information about deployment activities in their areas.
Information for Stakeholders
The MCF continues to produce new Fact Sheets relating to the deployment of mobile networks for industry, government and community stakeholders. View our extensive series here - Fact Sheets (haven't created this page yet but it will be a hyperlink through to a table of the full range)
EME Information and Management
The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) developed a revised Environmental EME Report to ensure that information about mobile phone base stations and levels of electromagnetic energy (EME) are clearly provided to interested stakeholders. The MCF follows ARPANSA's methodology and a review has recently been undertaken to further enhance its effectiveness.

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