The MCF working with Government

Part of the Mobile Carriers Forum charter is to develop and maintain working relationships with all levels of government and relevant regulatory stakeholders.

Over the last five years, the MCF has established effective links with:
  • Federal Government and the Opposition
  • State Government Planning Departments
  • Local Government - directly with councils, ROCS, the ALGA and State LGAs across Australia.
With the assistance of some of these stakeholders, the MCF has been able to introduce many valuable initiatives. One of the most important has been the introduction of the Communications Alliance (CA) C564:2011 Mobile Phone Base Station Deployment Code, which was completed with the assistance of the Australian Communications Authority and State Local Government Associations nationally. The MCF still continues to work with the ALGA and State LGAs to improve local governments understanding of the Code.
The MCF also regularly consults with Local Governments on a one to one basis outlining the MCF’s charter and assisting with strategies relating to up and coming deployment activity within that area. At State levels, the MCF is currently assisting with the following initiatives;
  • Provision of technical input to the NSW Planning Department to assist with the development of State wide planning guidance for Telecommunications
  • Implementation of a State wide Telecommunications Code with the Queensland State Government
  • Possible changes to the WA State Planning Policy 5.2 to remove exclusion zones for telecommunications facilities 
The MCF recently took part in the AMTA Technology Showcase which provided Ministers and Senators at Parliament House an opportunity to view and test some of the amazing products and services on offer in mobile telephony as part of the latest generation of mobile technology. 
Find out more about from our Fact Sheet here - About the MCF


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