Carrier RF Monitoring Systems

The MCF and their Carrier members understand that some community members have concerns about the levels of EME from base stations in their locality. Accordingly, all Carriers produce an EME report for each site which can be accessed using the Guest Login on the National Site Archive. If it’s not available on the NSA, you can contact the relevant carrier directly to request a copy. The EME report was developed by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) and it provides a standardised industry methodology for monitoring and reporting on the existing and predicted EME levels of base stations. Every carrier uses this methodology under the Communications Alliance (CA) Mobile Phone Base Station Deployment Code.
Independent NATA credited RF Assessors calculate exposure levels by considering factors such as power output, cable loss, antenna gain, path loss, and height and distance from the source. The exposure calculations must take into account RF transmitters from all telecommunications carriers at the site. The cumulative calculations are given as a percentage of the ARPANSA Standard, which is the Australian Communications and Media Authority's (ACMA) general public exposure limit.
Independent audits are also regularly undertaken by ARPANSA. You can view the results for their 2007-2008 base station audit here
The ACRBR has also undertaken another study recently, to determine EME levels within 20 Australian homes. The results revealed that exposure from wireless devices in typical Australian homes was only a fraction of the Australian safety limit, whether devices were operating individually or in combination. View the results here ACRBR Devices in the home survey.
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