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Editorial - MCF Manager Ray McKenzie


 MCF Manager Ray McKenzie
MCF Manager Ray McKenzie  

Welcome to the August 2012 edition of Mobile inSite, the Mobile Carriers Forum’s newsletter on news, science and policy decisions about mobile telecommunications networks.


In recent months Australia’s mobile carriers and their deployment teams have been working hard to ensure they comply with a new industry code of practice requiring them to work more closely with local communities and councils when planning new network infrastructure.


The new regulations, which came in to force on 1 July 2012, are the result of a scheduled five year review of Australia’s network deployment legislation by a Communications Alliance working committee made up of key stakeholders including prominent consumer, community, industry and government representatives.


Under the new industry code, deployment teams must develop a comprehensive plan for how they will consult with the local community, use clearer letters and signage when communicating with councils and the community about changes to the network and provide more information on AMTA’s public Radio Frequency National Site Archive website.


To help get carriers and their contractors up to speed, the MCF held a series of workshops with deployment teams in major capitals around the country, which introduced participants to the new code and the new processes that have been adopted to make sure they comply.


The information sessions were important to ensure that carriers’ staff and contractors are fully aware of their new obligations because of the heightened scrutiny the industry is under following recent attempts by Independent and Greens MPs to restrict the deployment of base stations in response to community concerns.


A parliamentary review of each Bill said the changes were impractical and that the improved industry code of conduct addressed most of the issues raised by the community.


With demand for smartphones, video content, apps and mobile broadband services continuing to drive an increase in data traffic, mobile carriers are under increasing pressure to deliver exceptional mobile coverage to the Australian community, which requires a continued investment in new network equipment and upgrades to 3G and 4G services.


The MCF believes that by improving consultation between communities, councils and carriers the new code provides a robust regulatory framework that will allow for the efficient deployment of mobile phone infrastructure and will give the community assurance that network equipment is operating within Australia’s safety standards.


As always we appreciate any feedback from our stakeholders within industry, government and the community about any of the stories in this edition.



Ray McKenzie


Mobile Carriers Forum

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