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No health risks below safety limits say Nordic radiation authorities

NordicWireless signals from mobile phone base stations and Wi-Fi routers are so weak that there is no reason to take additional precautions below the current safety limits, the Nordic radiation safety authorities have advised.

“Recent surveys have shown that despite the sharp increase in applications using wireless technology, the level of radio wave exposure in public outdoor areas as well as indoor in schools, offices and dwellings is far below the exposure limits,” the national radiation agencies of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden said in a joint statement.
“Since exposure of the general public, including children, to radio waves from the wireless local area networks and base stations is far below the exposure limits, there is no need to further limit exposure from these radio wave sources.”
Overall research to date has also failed to identify any health hazards from exposure to radio frequency fields below international safety limits, the experts said.
“Since the beginning of the 1990s, use of mobile phones has increased substantially and most residents of the Nordic countries utilise wireless communication systems as part of their everyday lives,” the Nordic radiation safety authorities.
“The overall data published in the scientific literature to date do not show adverse health effects from exposure of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields below the guidelines or limits adopted in the Nordic countries.”
“However, epidemiological studies on long-term exposure to radio waves from mobile phones are still limited, especially studies on children and adolescents.”
The authorities noted that if people were concerned there are some simple ways to reduce exposure from mobile phone handsets.
“This can for example be done by using a hands-free device or the mobile phone loudspeaker function while communicating, the authorities said.
“The exposure can also be reduced if the mobile phone is primarily used in areas with good coverage. Text messaging results in a very low level of exposure.”
Safety standards in all of the Nordic countries are based on the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) guidelines.
Given the large number of mobile phone users today, the Nordic radiation safety authorities said they would continue to closely monitor the research in this area.


Published 29/05/2014

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